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What is a funding source?

A funding source is essentially a wallet you can create that can be used towards the payment of gifts. Team Accounts can create as many funding sources they need. You can use a credit card or an ACH bank transfer to add funds to your funding source. You can learn more about payment options here.

How to create a new funding source

Please note, if you have a Personal Account, you will not have access to manage Funding Sources.

Step 1:

Log into your Benolo account and navigate to “Funding Sources”.

This section is where you can manage all your existing funding sources.

To create a new funding source, click on "Add Funding Source".

Step 2:

Enter a name that describes the Funding Source. You can call it “Sales” for your sales team, “Marketing” for your marketing team or “Gifts for VIP Dinner”. A descriptive name will help make it easier to recognize in the future.

Step 3:

Now that you have created your funding source, click the "View" button of the funding source you wish to add funds to.

Step 4:

To add funds, click on “Add Deposit”.

Step 5:

  • In the “Amount” field, enter the amount that you wish to add to your account.

  • For “Payment Type”, please select the payment method: ACH (bank to bank transfer) or Credit Card.

Click here to learn about the payment processing fees.

Step 6:

When you click next, you will be redirected to our payment page on Stripe to complete the transaction.

For credit card payments:

If you selected Credit Card as your payment method, you will see the screen similar to the below where you can enter your credit card information:

For ACH payments:

If you selected Bank Account as your payment method, you will see the screen below:

  • Email: enter the email address for your receipt.

  • Full name: enter your full name

  • Bank Account - You can use the search field to find your bank. If your bank is on the list, follow the on screen instructions.

See below for screenshots using Capital One bank as an example:

Can't find your bank on the list?

If you don’t see your bank account on the list, you may enter your bank account details manually.

Click on the link that says “Enter Bank Details Manually Instead” and follow on screen instructions.

Once you have connected your bank account to Stripe or you have entered your bank account details manually, click on “Pay” to complete the transaction.

Once payment has been processed, the funds will be available for usage towards your gift campaigns.

Now that you have created your funding source and added credits to it, you can now send gifts!

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