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How do I transfer funds between funding sources?
How do I transfer funds between funding sources?
Written by Jim Ellison
Updated over a week ago

Sometimes you may have a small balance remaining in a funding source after completing a gift campaign. You have the option of adding more credits to it or you may want to move the balance to use for another gift campaign.

  1. Head to your funding source dashboard and click on “Transfer Funds”

  2. Pick the funding source (SOURCE) from where the funds will be sent from.

  3. Pick the destination (DESTINATION) for where the funds will be transferred to.

  4. Type in the amount you want to transfer in the “Transfer Source Amount” field.

  5. Click on “Transfer” to initiate the transfer.

Please note, fund transfers are not permanent. Just repeat the steps above and reverse the SOURCE and DESTINATIONS and initiate a new transfer reversing your changes.

Fund transfers do not affect any active/ongoing gift campaigns.

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