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Written by Jim Ellison
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On the Benolo platform, there are two types of users: Admin and User

Admin account privileges include:

  • Add and remove users

  • Add and remove teams

  • Add and remove administrators

  • Create and fund “funding sources”.

  • Create and manage gift campaigns

The first account created for your organization is the administrator.

Normal user privileges include:

  • Create and manage gift campaigns

How do I add additional users to my Benolo account?

To add additional users to your account, navigate to the User section on your dashboard.

Step 1: Click on “Invite New User”,

Step 2 Enter the new user First Name, Last Name and Email Address.

Step 3: You have two options for Organizational Role: Admin and User.

Step 4: Pick a team for the new user to be a part of.

Step 5: Pick a team role: User or Team Leader (as of right now, both roles have the same user permissions/functionality).

Once you click submit, our system will send an email invitation to the new user to join your team on Benolo. They will be asked to confirm the invite and set up their own password:

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