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Sending gifts using Benolo
Sending a gift to multiple recipients.
Sending a gift to multiple recipients.
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What is a gift campaign?

If you need to send gifts to a group of people at the same time, you do so by creating a Gift Campaign.

With a Gift Campaign, all the recipients will be sent the same gift tier and receive the same personal message from you. Our tools make group gifting an easy process. Let’s get started!

Creating a new gift campaign.

Step 1:

Navigate to the “Campaigns” section on your dashboard and click on “Create Campaign” to start the gift wizard.

Step 2: Gift Details

Campaign name - Enter a name for your campaign. For example: “Holiday Gifts for VIP’s Dec 2022”. This is just for internal usage.

Gift Tier - Pick a gift tier from the drop down list.

When ready, click Next.

Step 3: Gift Note and Expiration:

Personal Note - All gift recipients will receive a gift notification email from Benolo. If you wish to have a custom message in that email, you can include it here. You will have a chance to preview the message later in the wizard.

Gift Expiration - By default, the gift invitation will expire within 1 month after they have been notified. Once the time expires, all remaining gifts will be marked as unclaimed. Unclaimed gifts will be refunded back to your payment method.

Step 4: Adding your gift recipients.

You have two ways of adding your gifts recipient information:

  1. Manually one by one.

  2. Upload the information in a CSV file.

Adding gift recipient manually

If you have a small number of gift recipients, you may choose to add them manually one by one by entering their information in the form fields.

Bulk upload gift recipient information

If you have a large list of gift recipients that you want to send gifts to, you can upload a CSV file containing their information to our platform for easy processing.

What data do I need in my CSV file?

At the minimum, you need a column with the recipient's email address, first name and last name.

Click the “Import CSV” button to get started.

Follow the on-screen instructions to upload your CSV.

Once the file has been imported, our system will parse through the file and display the columns in your CSV. You will need to select the columns that contain the gift recipient's first name, last name and email address.

Click “Choose Columns” to move to the next step.

Depending on how many different columns there are in your CSV, you may see something similar to our example.

Click and drag the CSV columns that contain the recipient's email address, first name and last name into the corresponding sections below. All three fields are required.

Once you done with selecting your email and name columns, click “Import” to have the data imported.

Now that the data has been imported, you can make any necessary changes to fix any typos or remove gift receipts from the list.

If you try to submit incorrect data (eg: an email address is not valid or name is missing), the system will display the errors prompting you to correct them before you can move to the next step.

Step 5: Preview and review gift invitation.

Below is a preview of the email and custom message that your gift recipient will receive in their email inbox. If you wish to change the gift message, you can click here or on ‘customize” on the menu.

Step 6: Order Summary and Payment.

For Personal Accounts

If you have a Personal account, payment is due when you submit your gift campaign order. To learn more about different methods of payment, click here.

For Team Accounts

If you have an Team account, payment is handled through your funding sources. Click here to read more about funding source.

On the payment page for your gift campaign, you will have a drop down list of available Funding Sources that have sufficient balance to pay for your gifts.

To learning more funding sources, click here.

Here you can see a summary of your gift order (gift tier, recipient information, personal note) and the total price for the gift.

You have the option of paying via credit card or with your bank account. Once you make your choice, click on the “Pay via Stripe” and you’ll be directed to our payment page.

To ensure the security of your transactions, we use Stripe for all payment processing.

Once submit payment, our system will immediately start to send out gift notification emails to your gift recipients.

Gift Campaign Dashboard

Once your orders has been submitted and processed, you can view the current status of your gift redemptions.

Our system will automatically track when they open their email, when they clicked to redeem their gifts and if they successfully claimed or declined your gift.

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